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Lidom announces format for 2021-2022 tournament

The tournament will begin on Wednesday, October 27 with three games

Santo Domingo.- The Professional Baseball League of the Dominican Republic (Lidom) announced, among other details, the format that will govern its 2021-2022 Championship, dedicated to the memory of the prominent athlete Kalil Haché.

The governing body of Dominican professional baseball reported that the tournament will begin on Wednesday, October 27 with three games, the official opening ceremony corresponding to the match to be held at the Cibao stadium in the city of Santiago de los Caballeros between the Cibaeñas Eagles, the champion team. from the previous tournament, and the Gigantes del Cibao, a team that played in the last Final Series.

Through the press release it was also reported that the Regular Series is scheduled for 40 dates and is projected to end on Friday, December 17 of this year.

Lidom added that this next tournament will return to the Round Robin format with 18 dates, among the 4 teams classified in the Regular Series, a stage of the tournament that would be tentatively starting on Sunday, December 19. As in the previous tournament, there will be the possibility of a Mini playoff between the teams that occupy the fourth and fifth place at the end of the Regular Series, provided that the group occupying the fifth place concludes only one game apart in relation to the fourth-place occupant, in which scenario the fourth-place team would only have to win one game to seal their qualification to All Against All, while the fifth-place squad will have to win in two games.

As for the Final Series, as in the last tournament, the best of seven matches (7-4) will be played, with the Series starting at the home of the team that occupies the first position in the Round Robin.

Lidom pointed out that the 2021-2022 Tournament will be held with the participation of fans, following the health protocols, according to the prevailing situation at the start date of the tournament; clarifying that if the tournament were to start on this date, the projection would be a 30% admission of the public capacity in each stadium, but that the vaccination rhythm allows to foresee for the tournament start date the accommodation of at least 60% of fans in the stadiums, with the understanding that, in any case, this and other aspects related to the management of Covid-19 will be subject to the guidelines of the Ministry of Public Health.

Lidom also reported that for none of the stages of the next tournament it will be importing North American referees, although it does not rule out the possibility of incorporating referees from other leagues of the Caribbean Confederation according to needs and availability.

Finally, Lidom reported that the 2021 Rookie Draft will be held on the established date, that is, on Wednesday of the second week of September.

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