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Bancas Nave wins the Coraasan Cup in the toads league

Santiago, R.D.

The Bancas Nave team won the Coraasan Cup that was being played in the XVII version of the Sapos league, which was dedicated to Juan Guzmán Badia and Francisco Álvarez (baby shine).

With the triumph achieved by the Bankers, he breaks the streak of two consecutive titles that the Primavera School had.

The first meeting ended with 13 runs to 3, with José Lima winning in relief role and the reverse for Alejandro Camacho.

The Nave bench offensive was led by Pedro Almonte with a home run and a triple, Osvaldo Franco a home run and a single, Rafael Pérez and Rafael Baldayac a double and a single, Juan Minaya a triple, Johmeidy Cruz and Jr. Sued two singles, Elisaul Tineo a double, Eriberto Martinez an unknowable.

For the Primavera School: Joseph Lora a home run, Pablo Marte two singles, Pedro Agustín a double. In the second match, the Nave Banks returned to the attack and won 9 races to 5 at Colegio Primavera, Francisco Santo won and the reverse went to Socrates Polanco.

Jr. Sued led the winning offense with a home run and a single, Osvaldo Franco and Pedro Almonte a home run, Elisaul Tineo two doubles, Ángel Baldayac and Johmeidy Cruz a double, Gustavo Suriel a single.

For the College: Felix Alcántara and Edwin Tineo a home run, Joseph Lora a trio of unknowns, Pablo Marte two for no-man's-land, Juan Gonell and Elwin Peña a single. Before the games started there was a ceremony, where Gustavo Suriel was recognized for being his last game before retirement.

The honor pitch was made by Dr. Rivas on behalf of Coopmedica, Robert Cabrera was the hitter for Coopmedica's Communications Director and Américo Cabrera's Communications Director for Miderec in the northern zone was the receiver.

In the end, Franklin Peralta, president of the Los Sapos league, gave Tule Guareño the Coraasan cup that was being disputed.

This final was broadcast by Deportes al Límite on Facebook and you tube.

Thanks to Coraasan, Coopmedica Bancas Nave, Colegio Primavera, Che solo sports, Fed. Dom. Softball, ACDS, Ing. Ramón Alexis Pichardo, Rigoberto Tavarez, Américo Cabrera, Santana Martinez, Héctor Cepin and the Estrella Sports League.

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